Life Update – 2018 to 2020

life update

Although 2018 and 2019 were expensive, hectic, and stressful I’ve never been so happy. There were moments and decisions that just made my life a better one. I’ve realized the experience of doing new things and meeting new people are one of the bests you can have.

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Get the Most from Your Kimono Rental in Japan

Kimono rental is one of the experiences definitely worth trying in Japan. Renting a kimono in Japan is an incredible experience. I loved it so much that I’ve tried it thrice in different regions of Japan. For a budget traveler like me, it’s not a small sum to pay, but I do think its worth it. I take a million photos and explore as much as I can so I can milk a kimono rental’s worth of photos and experiences.

bleach please

Bleach, Please by Arctic Fox Review

Bleach, Please is finally out! Arctic Fox has been teasing us with their bleaching kit set for forever. They released the set on November 2019 and it IMMEDIATELY sold out! I was unbelievably lucky enough to get my hands on a set. The timing could not have been more perfect. I got it right before Christmas, when my hair has been unbleached for a year now.


The pros and cons of a ski trip in Austria

Some people look at snow and just see cold weather, which isn’t ideal for outdoor activities. Others look at snow and see fun! If you’ve determined that Austria is the next location you want to ski after enjoying the activity for a while, here is what you should know before you embark on your memorable adventure.


4 Ways to Revamp Your Wardrobe on a Budget

We’ve all looked despairingly into the wardrobe and believed we have nothing to wear even though there’s a closet teeming with items. It’s easy to get fed up of the pieces you own and frustrated when you haven’t got the money to buy lots of new things. But there are plenty of creative ways you can revamp your wardrobe on a budget by mixing up what you already have and buying only a few new items to create fresh new looks. Here are four mini fashion makeovers you can try this week.

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