(Last Updated On: January 5, 2016)


Cream colored satin top with thin straps, criss crossing at the back, partnered with a beautiful tropical flowery patterned skirt with volume. Completed by wearing my favorite heeled brown boots. This outfit is heavily accessorized with silvery bangles, a short pendant necklace, and golden owl earrings.

Of course, the highlight of this outfit is the tropical patterns of the skirt. I wore my hair loose to show off it’s color and let the reds and orange of the shine through more.


I love that the colors of my hair pop out because of the cream top. The simple and elegant satin makes this outfit look more sophisticated than cute. Although the patterns of the skirt still screams cute and color, the neutrality  of the top and shoes balances all the tropical goodness of my hair and skirt.

Also, if you notice, although I overly accessorized, the thinness of my accessories makes it look simpler than it is. I’d love to partner this outfit next time with white or cream colored heels to make the colors pop up more and the shoes blend well with the whole outfit in general.

The heels and the shape of the skirt made the outfit look like a doll’s outfit, kind of, which I really love.


I wore this ensemble during a photo walk with my friends in Bonifacio Global City. It was light and airy still because of the fabrics, but still 100% chic, in my opinion.