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September 10, 2015


Qipao Inspired

IMG_9198 IMG_9206 IMG_9261

Qipao inspired top, black jeggings, black heeled boots. Finish with a dozen or so bangles and a simple ponytail.

This silk qipao inspired top has been in our closet for a while. I’ve been wearing this since I was in college and I am glad that it still fits me pretty well. The jeggings are from Uniqlo, part of the many jeggings they have in a multitude of colors. The heeled boots are apparently a new style from Payless.

While I was taking the photos, I was quite worried about posting this online. A big topic in my circle would be the issue of cultural appropriation. While this isn’t necessarily a real qipao, I was worried that the semblance of it would create an unnecessary fuss. Upon looking into it, I was relieved to see that the qipao was mostly a fashion item during the earlier years of China.



Double Bow 


A white Lace-top-layered-polka-dot-bottom dress with a big bow, black cardigan, brown Loti shoes, and my gold owl necklace. The look is completed by the gold wing ear cuff and the big bow hair style.

The brown Loti shoes are from Payless, Robinsons Magnolia branch. I just got them yesterday and I was so excited to wear them. That’s actually the main reason why I concocted this outfit. I was looking for a nice dress to match with the Loti shoes. I really didn’t wear this dress very often because the intricacy of it was kind of difficult to find matches for. I was unbelievably glad that my shoes were simple enough to balance the details of the dress.


The idea of the double bow really came to mind when I was tying my hair up in a bun and I thought it was time for a more fun way of doing my hair up. It certainly wasn’t the first time I made a big bow out of my hair but it didn’t make it any less difficult! I think it took me four tries before I got my hair to stay like this. My arms were a bit sore after, to be honest. But I think the result is worth it!

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