7 Ingredients for the Perfect Summer Road Trip

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2017)


Road trips are a great way to enjoy the summer. Read on for my 7 Must Haves to create your perfect summer road trip!

Great Destination

Summer is all about the beach, sand, and fun under the sun. Of course, make sure that that place is somewhere you actually want to go and will have fun in. Don’t go to amusement parks when you don’t like going on rides, and be sure to visit the beach if you love swimming in the ocean! For beach adventure bums like me, positively try Inflatable Island PH in Subic. It’s undeniably an amazing experience.


Comfy Ride of your Life

That perfect summer road trip fun definitely begins in the car. Those bonding moments start in the journey. Everyone makes joke, eats snacks, and even have a mini karaoke stint on the way.  It’s the best time to catch up and take a breather when the heat is up. Take care to have your cars tinted. In this super hot weather, it’ll be sweltering inside the car without it, EVEN IF THE AC IS ON!

I recommend having 3M Car Tint where you can choose the perfect tint for your lifestyle. Personally, I prefer their dark tint of 3M because I value my privacy and it keeps the heat out!


Handy Dandy Camera

Nowadays, we have a great saying that everyone knows “Pics or didn’t happen”. Make sure to never forget the perfect summer by keeping your camera close to you and snapping that perfect moment. A great tip for having the best photo is to always face where the light is. You don’t even need to bring bulky cameras and the like. Smart phones nowadays have really pleasant cameras that are almost on par with the fancy expensive ones. Bring a power bank to ascertain that you get photos from start to finish!


Perfect OOTD

Since we are taking photos, we have to look stunning. Pictures are forever and we don’t want to be remembered as having the worst outfit during the perfect road trip. Because of the scorching hotness that is the sun, you’ll be sweating buckets in a matter of minutes. Dress appropriately and maybe wear comfortable sandals, cute shorts, and a light shirt. An oversized statement shirt tucked in your shorts look the bomb in 2017 fashion trend!


Sunscreen Your Skin

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too! Wear sunscreen before going out of the house, after getting wet, and reapply every so often. The red-hot temperature will certainly bake your skin in such harmful ways if you overlook the importance of sunscreen. In my opinion, those waterproof (i.e. sweat-proof) sunscreen with at least SPF 50 works as long as you reapply throughout the day.


Best Music on the Road Trip

road trip

Complete the ambiance of the perfect summer road trip by blasting high energy pop music while on the road. I used to make my own playlists when I was younger. Downloading a bunch of songs and albums I heard on the radio and mixing them up. Now, we have a lot of great apps that do that for us! Right now, I’m using Spotify and just playing pre-made playlists. My favorite for road trips? The playlist “Mood Booster”!


Greater Companions

Even if you have the best destination, amazing car ride, and the most stunning OOTD, the road trip would totally suck if you go there with people you don’t enjoy spending time with. People who bring you down and just bust your bubbles aren’t good mates to hang out with. Honestly, with the right people you can have the best time of your life just travelling in the car and not doing a much.