(Last Updated On: January 25, 2016)


Pleated maroon mini skirt, light grey, food inspired long sleeved top, dark grey wool leggings. The outfit is capped with a desaturated brown and black light coat and muted brown boots. The ensemble is completed with golden accessories.

I wore this outfit in Hong Kong on our second day. It was a really cold day, well, colder than Manila. It was around 18 degrees C and I couldn’t go out without the jacket. I do love how it looks with or without the jacket. The muted colors of the outfit really helped balance out the explosion of brightness from the really saturated skirt and my mermaid hair.

The golden accessories look really nice, too. I also super love how the texture of the leggings look close up. It beautiful and subtle.

If I remember correctly, I actually wanted to wear black boots with this outfit instead of the brown one. Aside from the balance of colors, my black boots had heels on it so I’d look taller. But alas, its saving grace was also its downfall. Since it was Hong Kong museum day, I knew there would be a ton of walking. I couldn’t wear the heeled boots and opted for a flat one for comfort.