Drawing Face Proportions Mistakes and How to Fix Them


We’ve recently started the #GuhitAgosto as a training to improve our drawing skills! Now, I am, no way, a master of illustration and I do need some work too. However, I can also say that I have training in illustration more than the majority. As an advocate of helpful critiques, here are common mistakes I’ve seen in Day 1: Facial Proportions (Female) and how to fix them.

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August 2016 31-Day Traditional Sketch Challenge


HAPPY AUGUST EVERYONE! August isn’t just the month of the Filipino language and culture. It’s also the month of honing our drawing skills! If you’ve always wanted to improve your traditional art skills, or have felt that you’re in dire need of a drawing refresher course, this is the challenge for you!

‪#‎GuhitAgosto‬ is a 31-Day Traditional Sketching Challenge with a very extensive day-to-day training! If you’re interested, keep on reading! Underneath is a very detailed curriculum designed by Faye Bergonia specifically for this challenge.

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Art Progress 2008 to 2016



They say practice makes perfect. It’s true. By practicing my art skill for years, I have progressed from someone who barely knows anatomy to being able to paint kind of realistic portraits. This is my art progress from 2008 to 2016.

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Art Set Giveaway 2016!

art set giveaway

Enter the art set giveaway to win a Sakura Koi Watercolor set, Waterbrushes, & Canson Watercolor Pad!

June is my birthday month and as my gift to my beloved followers, and by popular demand, I’m holding an art set giveaway!

Read below for the full mechanics!

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Fun Lorem Ipsum Generators


Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet are words that designers are familiar with. We don’t necessarily know what they mean, but we use them enough that some of us have it pretty much memorized. And sometimes we get bored with that. Here are really hilarious lorem ipsums generators for the bored and fun designer:

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My Picks: Top Komiket 2016 Comics

komiket 2016

Komiket is now in its second year! The Komiket 2016 was held last February 20 in Eton Centris. Aside from the usual indie comics, story compilations, stickers, trinkets, art prints were also part of the merchandise. But of course, I mainly go to these conventions for the comics. Here are my top comics from Komiket 2016.

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Maria’s Mural Creation


Still in its soft opening, Maria’s is a 24 hour restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and afters! Its grand opening will be this Feb 10,2016! I am proud to say that their wall mural is a project of ours; me and my sisters’.

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Artist Resolutions 2016


Last year, I’ve started to kind of not made art as much as I want to and as much as I should. This 2016, I’m pressuring myself into completing my artist resolutions. It’s the kind of thing you always tell yourself you want to do, you want to make time for, and yet you never do and never have time for. This year, it’s time to put my art in priority.


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