Stripes and High Waist


Blue and white striped button down collared cropped blouse with half length sleeves and wooden buttons, black double breasted high waist folded shorts, and plain black leather simple flats. Accessorized with a thick Fossil watch with wooden detail, light pink pearl earrings, and a golden leaf hair pin.



Summer Pattern on Pattern


Cool colored patterned sleeveless crop top, distressed demin shorts, and warm colored patterned summer coat. Paired up with black high heeled lace up boots and a brown metal studded leather belt. Accessories include a minimalist bracelet with stones and a pentagon shaped sunnies. Finish off with a simple ponytail.



Hair Care Tips for Swimming

hair care swimming

I love to swim. Sea, ocean, pool, rivers, lakes, you name it, I’ll swim in it. But I also love my hair. I damaged it irrevocably by bleaching. Then damaged it further by coloring and styling. So I try to NOT damage it when I swim. To care for your hair before, during, and after swimming, these tips might just save your hair.


Vintage Office Suspenders


Loose white collared long folded sleeves tucked in denim jeans tapered off to show off the black and white  shiny oxford shoes. The outfit is accessorized with brown suspenders in place of a belt and a grey fedora with a black band. Finish off with a brown leather satchel, braids, and a nude colored watch.


Unusual Cut Crop


Unusually cut white crop top, black jeggings, high heeled black leather boots. Accessorize with a white, gold studded leather belt for consistency with the white unusually cut crop top. Forgo the necklace for a simple stud earring and a thicker golden detailed bracelet. Wear the hair loose and wavy so its a beautiful cascade of curls and color.



Why I Don’t Want to Have Fair Skin: Morena Love

Morena Love

Our cultral norm hails fair pale skin as the epitome of beautiful. Combine it with long straight jet black hair and we have the usual standard of beauty. But most Filipinas aren’t born with that skin color but actively try to achieve that. There isn’t anything wrong with that, and there are a lot of people who totally rock their fair skin. It’s just that I don’t think that being fair skinned is for me. This isn’t a popular opinion, but let me explain why.


Across and Back

A long heavy red skirt, cross tied back cropped floral top, and black and beige sandal-ed wedge heels. Completed with a minimalist golden necklace, silver flower patterned ear cuff on the left ear. On my wrists is this beautiful bracelet that had the suits of the cards as the charms.

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