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Bugis: Best Singaporean Street Food in Banawe


I’m absolutely in love with the food in Singapore. My favorite is the roast duck. They serve it with steaming rice, greens and this delicious soup-broth-sauce thing. My next favorite would be the hot spicy seafood filled laksa. Oh dear Zeus. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. I get it in a place called Bugis, the Singaporean hawker center.


5 Doggy Dog Date Places in the Metro


Our beloved dogs want to go out, too! Aside from quality time spent with them in your house, they want to travel and see the world like you do. But they don’t mind if it’s right around the corner or across the country, so long as there are new things to smell and new people and creatures to bark at. Sadly, there are many many many places which aren’t pet-friendly. Have no fear! Here is a short list of places you can take your dog out!


Create a Perfect Valentine’s Dinner From the Food Court



Valentine’s is looming just around the corner and are you even prepared? Valentine’s dinner doesn’t need to be expensive or from a fancy place. With a Php500 budget, I created a gourmet dinner date for two from the food court. you read that right! FOOD COURT. It’s all about presentation!

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Lucky Dishes: Oriental Palace, Tomas Morato


Chinese New Year is just around the corner. And because of our strong Chinese influence, that means we celebrate that, too! Something that both cultures do the same is eat as a family. And guess whaaaat! There’s a gem of a Chinese place in Tomas Morato. It’s called Oriental Palace and it opened there around a year ago.

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Update: Not Gain Weight Challenge


A few weeks ago, I have taken it upon myself to endure the challenge of not gaining weight this Holiday season. A feat that everyone agrees that is impossible. It’s unbelievably late, but this is the first, and apparently the only, update of this challenge (minus the result, of course).


Challenge: Not Gain Weight During the Holidays


This was meant to be a “How to” post. But since I can’t assure the results because I’ve never tried it before, and well, everyone I asked for advise on how to not gain weight this Christmas season laughed at my face (with spit flying in all directions because apparently not gaining weight during the holidays is the funniest joke ever) and told me it was not possible. At all. Like, don’t even hope.

So being masochistic as I am, I took it upon myself to try it so you guys won’t have to.

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Bavaria: The Philippines’ New Premium Beer


I’ve noticed that lately, there have been a lot of new beer brands that have been popping up, or have been gaining popularity. Local draft beers, Brew Kettle, and caramel beers to  name a few are some of those beers. I can tell how the market for beer had boomed. I guess it’s no wonder that a new beer brand would take its place in the Philippine market.

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Best Bacon Breakfast Muffin


This is the best breakfast muffin ever. It may look small, but one serving is already very filling. The best breakfast muffin ever combines everything you love about breakfast into one easy to transport breakfast. We have bacon, eggs, bread, tomato, mushrooms! Because this requires baking, the bacon is super crispy and the egg is always perfectly cooked. Just looking at it makes me drool. This delicious breakfast sure packs a punch!

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