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Pancake House: Double Your Love

Pancake House has this cool promo. It’s called Double Your Love. For only Php350, you can have either a)Two Orders of Spaghetti and Tacos or b) Two Orders of Salisbury Steak. Both comes with 2 glasses of single serve iced tea. I for one think its really cheap. You save more than a Php100 with whichever you choose.DYL-2
And just saying, my favorite spaghetti, if not home cooked, is Pancake House’s. I’m not kidding. I really like it a lot.

I tried both combos. Of course, since their spaghetti is my favorite, I tried that first. When I had the double the love the first time, I haven’t started blogging yet so I didnt even bother taking a picture. Not so the next tie I went. On my second time, I tried the Salisbury steak combo. Both were really good. I just feel that the vegetables that came with the salisbury steak were lacking in quantity. Other than that, no complaints.

Both dishes had great quality for its price, even on their own. Maybe it may have something to do with my biased love of their spaghetti.

My verdict: Sulit!


Just to be clear: I’m not being paid to advertise Pancake House or its promos. I just think it’s a nice thing that more people should know and take advantage of. It really is good.

Originally posted on September 14, 2015 @ 12:45 am

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Above Sea Level Maginhawa: Foodie Review

Above Sea Level is among the fastest growing franchise in the Metro. Heck, even in the Philippines, I bet. Within a year, Above Sea Level rose to meet the huge demands and had expanded exponentially. The target of most of these franchisees are the food parks that are popping up everywhere in the country.

This Above Sea Level restaurant in Maginhawa is the first stand alone the franchise has built. It’s ran and managed by the creator of the brand, you’ll truly experience what the restaurant is all about.

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Cafe Adriatico Malate: Foodie Review

Cafe Adriatico has become an institution. From early 1980’s, it has been known to be the most popular date place in Manila. My parents had their dates there before they even got married. Years later it’s still a popular place for diners.

Cafe Adriatico pulls into its embrace lagacies and generations of people who have always been coming. It usually starts when the parents had dated there, got married, brought their family there. Those kids would bring their date there, get married, then bring THEIR own families in turn.

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Bistro Remedios Malate: Foodie Review

Bistro Remedios is an iconic restaurant that upholds the traditional Filipino family and eating culture. They try to preserve the old houses exterior in the area. Bistro Remedios does exactly that by preserving the exterior of the old house it used to be and converting it into this legacy of a restaurant.

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Oyasumi Ramen: Foodie Review

If you’re looking for ramen in San Juan, you’ll definitely think of Oyasumi Ramen. Oyasumi in Japanese means “Good night”. Surely, it’s the best description for this restaurant for after eating here, you’ll be so full you’ll want to sleep right there and then.

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