7 Flavors Buffet by Chef Boy Logro: Foodie Review


I have heard of 7 Flavors Buffet by Chef Boy Logro a few times already. In fact, I’ve had coffee at their cafe last year. But I have never tried their buffet. Until now!

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Everything at Steak: Foodie Review


I love steak. But I don’t want to break the bank to get my fix. One time I craved for steak so badly that I scourged the net finding a steak place that would satisfy my palate. I found that Everything at Steak have steaks that are quite budget friendly so I hurried on to try it out.

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Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Bar: Foodie Review


This itty bitty store is located right along Sgt Esguerra in front of ABS-CBN. If I remember correctly, this used to be a Persian Food place, which now had been shoved together with Backyard Burgers, sharing one space.

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Bulgogi Brothers Greenbelt 5: Foodie Review

Photo from Bulgogi Brothers Website
Photo from Bulgogi Brothers Website

Bulgogi Brothers is a Korean Restaurant that is quite in the higher end of the spectrum in terms of restaurants. Being part of the Bistro Group of restaurants, we enjoyed their 10% off of food and drinks.

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Octoboy Tomas Morato Review


By no means is Octoboy a new restaurant. I have always wanted to eat here but somehow kept delaying. It’s almost like we want to try a new restaurant, or we werent feeling Japanese for dinner, or it was just too far. But finally! I finally got to eat at Octoboy.

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El Cangrejo Unlimited Steak and Crab Review


Yes! It’s true! El Cangrejo does have a menu that lets you enjoy UNLIMITED steak and crabs. You better come hungry because this is a deal you’ll want to stuff yourself to the extreme.

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Backyard at Regalado: Foodie Review


Something new is afoot in Fairview! Northeners Rejoice! Another food park just opened its doors in our turf! Introducing Backyard, located conveniently at Regalado Avenue in Fairview!

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Megawatt: Burrito, Pizza, and Burgers in QC


Megawatt is a fairly new restaurant in Quezon City. They specialize in chicken, pizzas, and burritos. Megawatt is located behind the famous Gilmore PC Centers, along N.Domingo.

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Bugis: Best Singaporean Street Food in Banawe


I’m absolutely in love with the food in Singapore. My favorite is the roast duck. They serve it with steaming rice, greens and this delicious soup-broth-sauce thing. My next favorite would be the hot spicy seafood filled laksa. Oh dear Zeus. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. I get it in a place called Bugis, the Singaporean hawker center.

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