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Bugis: Best Singaporean Street Food in Banawe


I’m absolutely in love with the food in Singapore. My favorite is the roast duck. They serve it with steaming rice, greens and this delicious soup-broth-sauce thing. My next favorite would be the hot spicy seafood filled laksa. Oh dear Zeus. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. I get it in a place called Bugis, the Singaporean hawker center.

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Lucky Dishes: Oriental Palace, Tomas Morato


Chinese New Year is just around the corner. And because of our strong Chinese influence, that means we celebrate that, too! Something that both cultures do the same is eat as a family. And guess whaaaat! There’s a gem of a Chinese place in Tomas Morato. It’s called Oriental Palace and it opened there around a year ago.

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Bavaria: The Philippines’ New Premium Beer


I’ve noticed that lately, there have been a lot of new beer brands that have been popping up, or have been gaining popularity. Local draft beers, Brew Kettle, and caramel beers to  name a few are some of those beers. I can tell how the market for beer had boomed. I guess it’s no wonder that a new beer brand would take its place in the Philippine market.

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Treats for the Hungry

There was a downpour that day. I was alone at home, everyone in my family went out and I was left with our dogs. That day was the day before going to the grocery, which meant that our food supplies were nil. It was mid-afternoon. Lunch was but a far distant memory and dinner was nowhere to be seen in the horizon. Then, the greatest problem arose. I got hungry.

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Pi Breakfast and Pies


To say that Pi Breakfast and Pies is located at the very famous Maginhawa Street is technically incorrect. It is however located at a street that intersects Maginhawa Street.
I went to have brunch with a friend of mine there just a few days ago. It wasn’t the first time for me to visit the establishment, but I sure as hell know it won’t be the last either.

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Pancake House: Double Your Love

Pancake House has this cool promo. It’s called Double Your Love. For only Php350, you can have either a)Two Orders of Spaghetti and Tacos or b) Two Orders of Salisbury Steak. Both comes with 2 glasses of single serve iced tea. I for one think its really cheap. You save more than a Php100 with whichever you choose.DYL-2
And just saying, my favorite spaghetti, if not home cooked, is Pancake House’s. I’m not kidding. I really like it a lot.

I tried both combos. Of course, since their spaghetti is my favorite, I tried that first. When I had the double the love the first time, I haven’t started blogging yet so I didnt even bother taking a picture. Not so the next tie I went. On my second time, I tried the Salisbury steak combo. Both were really good. I just feel that the vegetables that came with the salisbury steak were lacking in quantity. Other than that, no complaints.

Both dishes had great quality for its price, even on their own. Maybe it may have something to do with my biased love of their spaghetti.

My verdict: Sulit!


Just to be clear: I’m not being paid to advertise Pancake House or its promos. I just think it’s a nice thing that more people should know and take advantage of. It really is good.

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