Second Step: Breaking In A Waist Trainer


In my previous post, I talked about acquiring my waist trainers. I mentioned there that I couldn’t cinch myself as tight as I wanted because I needed to break my corset in.

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Saturday Dress

IMG_9969 IMG_9970

Saturday Dress is this quaint boutique store in Tomas Morato. It’s at Thompson Square. Not really in the building, but the small little space right outside it. Apparently, they have other branches and you can buy from them online!

It looks really small from the outside, but it has more space than you would think inside. The place looks really cute and clean. With white and pink as their main colors, they emit this really feminine vibe even before you enter their store.

They sell mostly dresses there. And to be fair, they have a really nice collection. They also have skirts and blouses for sale. As well as accessories like earrings, necklaces, and belts. On a wall, there is a shelf there filled with makeup that they are currently selling.



What I like about it the most is their dressing room. It is absolutely gorgeous. It’s not large, but its simply, yet wonderfully decorated.IMG_9981

They had this nice wall lamps inside the dressing room, and this cute “Yes, No, Maybe” wall decal just above their three clothing hooks.
You can hang your choices there while you decide if it’s going to be a yes or a no.


I bought from them this really nice earcuff. I can’t wait to pair it with an outfit soon!


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First Step: Acquiring A Waist Trainer


I got my waist trainer from Lacey Leatherie last May. I’ve been wanting to try corsets for the longest time. One big reason is that I don’t feel shapely enough.

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