(Last Updated On: May 20, 2016)

fun hoard may 2016

I’ve been looking forward to the first Hoard Box since forever. I was so excited to open it and find amazing items. This post is all about the first ever Fun Hoard that Hoard Box gave out.

The Fun Hoard May 2016 contains:

  • Voltes V Shirt (Php450)
  • Hodge Podge Pen (Php80)
  • Funk Heroes 01 Batman (Php800)
  • Escape Hunt Discount Coupon (Php600-975)

Which totals to Php 1,930 to 2,305 worth of goodies for only Php900!



The Voltes V shirt is heaven sent! It’s one of those shirts that you see in shop windows that make you exclaim “That’s an awesome shirt! I want one~” But you never buy it anyway. Now you don’t have to because the Fun Hoard hands it to you on a golden platter. Or in this case, a beautifully packaged in a box!

The Hodge Podge Pen was something I didn’t expect to see in the Fun Hoard. It’s a cute ball point pen and it writes pretty well. It does have a lace on it that I’m pretty sure I won’t be using. This cute pen though has been added to my pen collection in my office space.

And then there’s the Funko Pop Batman. I admit, it’s also one of those that I look at longingly in shop windows but never really purchase. I would look at the vast amounts of Funko Pop figures for hours, holding them, debating with myself on whether to get one or not, but eventually put down and grudgingly go out of the store. I just wish that someone would be cool enough to gift me one, but my birthday is months away. I tell myself, if someone gives me one, I’m definitely going to start collecting. And now it’s here! And I couldn’t be happier! A new collection begins and it all started with my Funk Heroes 01 Batman. In Brown!

The Fun Hoard also included an Escape Hunt Discount Coupon. You get a whopping 30% discount on one game for 2-5 people at Escape Hunt Manila. Of course, you need to book your game in advanced, but the coupon has all the details you need about that! Considering that the most expensive game (it’s good for 5 people) in Escape Hunt Manila is about Php3250, you can save up to Php975 per game! Plus, Escape Hunt is a great bonding activity for friends and family!


Overall, it’s a great Fun Hoard! Personally, I would have liked a more items (even small cheap ones) just to tie the Fun Hoard even more together. But the inclusion of the Funko Pop is already more than enough reason for people to get this. 100% recommend!

That concludes the Fun Hoard May 2016 Review!

You can subscribe to your own Fun Hoard here! You can even try to get Fun Hoard May 2016 if there are stocks still available! Better hurry because stocks ARE limited!