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Megawatt is a fairly new restaurant in Quezon City. They specialize in chicken, pizzas, and burritos. Megawatt is located behind the famous Gilmore PC Centers, along N.Domingo.

Fun fact: Megawatt is the first solar powered restaurant in the Philippines! They boast of being incredibly ecofriendly while serving scrumptious chicken, burgers, burritos, pizza, and other sinfully delicious dishes.

Situated on top of a busy, affordable, and commendable car wash, the restaurant has a lot of unique customer traffic per day. Strategically located so the customers of the car wash can eat very good food while waiting, and the other way around. A car wash from the establishment is only Php90 and they can also do detailing for your car, so its really affordable!




Megawatt served us a lot of dishes. I got to try 2 kinds of pizza, 2 kinds of burritos, a beautifully made burger, and different platters and appetizers. I’m super glad that I had my blogger friends with me because it was a lot A LOT! Between the 6 of us, all hungry, and stayed at least 4 hours in Megawatt, we still didn’t manage to finish everything. Based on that, I can safely and confidently say that their servings are definitely plentiful! Plus point that they make everything, and I mean everything (bread, meat, sauces) from scratch.


Seafood Garlic Pizza


Seafood Garlic Pizza Php318

Topped generously with bountiful catches from the waters, like scallops, squid, dish, shrimp above all, its super tasty and not at all malansa. Its perfectly balanced with the mozzarella cheese and garlic in the mix.

Cheese Cheese Cheese Pizza

 Cheese Cheese Cheese Pizza Php315

Cheese Cheese Cheese Pizza Php315

This thin crust pizza is so crispy, its like lechon skin. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t have 3 kinds of cheese on it. It has a whopping FIVE kinds of cheese. Feta, Gruyere, Mozzarella, Parmigiano, and Sharp. Cheese lovers unite! We should start calling this Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheeeeeeeese pizza.



29Karat Surf & Turf Burrito

29 Karat Surf&Turf Burrito Php819

29 Karat Surf&Turf Burrito Php819

One bite of this and I melted. We were having a lively conversation when I tasted this (I was the first to try) but I had to stop everything and tell everyone in the table that THIS IS THE BEST BURRITO I HAVE EVER TASTED. I’m completely in love with this. The melt in your mouth steak is just melded perfectly with the shrimp, scallops, sauce, more cheese, and mushroom, all folded delicately in an edible wrapper that is tortilla. It’s super gourmet premium and it absolutely shows. God, they even serve this with foei gras.

To everyone who say that “It’s so expensive! Does that have gold in it?!”, the answer is yes, yes it does. The sauce is made with real, cross my heart, gold.


Vegan Pesto Burrito

 Vegan pesto Burrito Php185

Vegan Pesto Burrito Php185

One of the few no meat dishes in their menu, this burrito is no less tasty. But, after the Surf & Turf Burrito, this is definitely placed on the side line. It’s beautiful for the people who are more health conscious, still. And it’s really heavy that you just need this to get full. OR share with a friend.



Crunchy Texas BBQ

 Crunchy Texas BBQ Php268

Crunchy Texas BBQ Php268

A great burger having fried onion rings on it. The fried crispy bacon,  onion rings, and fresh veggies give it its crunch. And the all meat patty makes it a great burger.



 Nacho-Rizo Php158

Nacho-Rizo Php158

I love the corn chips that they used here. It’s tasty but I would have loved more sauce and more toppings. It’s good for sharing and light so it’s awesome when you’re not very hungry and just want pica-pica.


Megawatt Platter

 Megawatt Platter Php285

Megawatt Platter Php285

Having all the appetizers in their menu in one serving, the Megawatt Platter is amazing for taste testing your favorite. Because of this, I found that my ultimate fave appetizer from here is the OHMnion rings.


Fried Lasagna

 Fried Lasagna Php178

Fried Lasagna Php178

It’s not my favorite dish. I find the fried breading and thick pasta to be too much carbs and it feels that it overwhelms the tomato sauce of the lasagna itself. Me, I like it saucy and cheesy. It is crispy outside and so juicy inside. If you like that kind of thing, this is for you!


Chick and Chips

 Chicks and Chips Php268

Chicks and Chips Php268

I found the chicken to be too salty for me, but it was crispy. The fries was perfect, too. Made with real potatoes, you can definitely taste the freshness!


Black Currant Tea

So cool and refreshing! Incredibly, it wasn’t super sweet, nor was it super bitter. The fruity taste keeps it interesting throught out the glass. This tastes like raspberry iced tea for me. To my friends, it reminded them of a Fox candy flavor.



Though hella expensive, I really recommend getting the 29Karat Surf & Turf Burrito. You have to try this at least once in your life. I’m actually saving up just to come back and splurge so my friends can taste this. This is one of the dishes that you want to share the yumminess with everyone.

If that’s not your thing, the thin crust Cheese Cheese CHEESE pizza is to die for.




The theme of the restaurant is Power Plant. The owners, inspired by their visit to a power plant in North Cotabato, have developed the concept and have successfully decorated Megawatt with that industrial feel. Complete with low wattage beautiful LED lights, a freezer disguised as a high voltage power source, and servers dressed in overalls, Megawatt really did have beautiful details.

They have a sink on a corner, ready to be used so you can eat with your hands! And a bathroom downstairs that they share with the car wash.

Parking here is difficult, especially since they are on a busy one way street. If you are going there just to eat, I do recommend you having your car washed, too.  That way you are guaranteed a parking spot!


They have a wall dedicated to action figures (mostly Iron Man)! Shows the owner’s geeky side aside from being ecofriendly! Plus, they have a full wall mirrors that you can write on! I love walls that you can write and draw on!


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You can find Megawatt Restaurant at 2nd Floor of 41A N. Domingo St, cor. Gilmore Ave., Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City.

Tel No. (02) 5012987

Operating Hours: Mon to Sat 11am-9.30pm, and Sundays at 9am-9.30pm

Visit their Facebook and Instagram!


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