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Why You Should Get One Right Now!


If you’re anything like me, you’ll love discounts, sales, and coupons to spas, restaurants, and shops. You also have this insane obsession with trinkets, household items (I’m a collector of cookie cutters), and body products. Like me, you also love comic books, fandom merchandise, and the geekiest things you can get your paws on.

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Fun Lorem Ipsum Generators


Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet are words that designers are familiar with. We don’t necessarily know what they mean, but we use them enough that some of us have it pretty much memorized. And sometimes we get bored with that. Here are really hilarious lorem ipsums generators for the bored and fun designer:

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My Picks: Top Komiket 2016 Comics

komiket 2016

Komiket is now in its second year! The Komiket 2016 was held last February 20 in Eton Centris. Aside from the usual indie comics, story compilations, stickers, trinkets, art prints were also part of the merchandise. But of course, I mainly go to these conventions for the comics. Here are my top comics from Komiket 2016.


Create a Perfect Valentine’s Dinner From the Food Court



Valentine’s is looming just around the corner and are you even prepared? Valentine’s dinner doesn’t need to be expensive or from a fancy place. With a Php500 budget, I created a gourmet dinner date for two from the food court. you read that right! FOOD COURT. It’s all about presentation!


Comfy Green Boheme


This boheme outfit is made by wearing loose green V-necked thick cotton sweater with 3/4th sleeves, short cream colored shorts, patterned thick cream leggings, and brown high cut fully tied brown boots. Accessorized by golden vine necklace, black and gold chain bracelet, and colorful floral head band. Light grey backpack to complete the full outfit. Overall, a boheme look without its individual pieces looking like it.

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