Manic Panic Vs. Arctic Fox


My first experience with coloring my hair was using Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise mixed with Manic Panic Bad Boy Blue. After it faded, I reapplied with more Bad Boy Blue. I got a bit bored of the color after a while and decided to mix it with Manic Panic Purple Haze at the tips. When /that/ faded, I decided to try Arctic Fox just to see their difference.

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Asia Pop Comic Convention 2015 Experience

Asia Pop Comic Convention was one of the most awaited conventions in the Philippines by many fans. There were a lot of celebrities, online personalities, and others that were invited as guests for the event. So many nice booths were stationed there too, there was even an artist alley. It was a three day event, from September 18 until 20, at the World Trade Center, Pasay.

I only attended APCC on the second day, September 19, for various personal reasons. I got to APCC pretty early. By early I mean around 8:30 am. The parking was still spacious but there was already a REAALLYYYY long line to get in. I figured that I should eat breakfast first and wait for the doors to open so the line wouldn’t be as long. So I crossed the street and killed some time in the nearby Jollibee, spending time with my fries and spaghetti meal. When I got back to the event, the doors were open and they were letting people in, BUT THE LINE JUST GOT LONGER.


I didn’t mind lining up because the line was very organized. There were a lot of marshals that supervise the lines, not letting them in too crowded so there is ventilation. They also stop people from cutting in line and facilitated a fast flow of line and even assured people via announcements that the line was indeed moving and there are no delays. With just that, I was very impressed and I didn’t feel an ounce of irritation with the event organizers.


Inside the WTC lobby, they had set up different booths for those buying tickets and those who bought the tickets online. The line for buying tickets was intense while there were almost none for those who bought tix online. It was startling to see that line because usually the line for buying tickets to an event stop being so long, or disappear altogether, after lunch. Not so in APCC. Straight until 5pm, the line to buy tickets was still the same length amount as that morning.

When I finally entered the hall, it hit me that this was the biggest comic convention I had ever attended, in both the area of the place and the enormity of the event itself.


APCC were featuring a lot of activities in the event! There was an alley for artists and for them to showcase and sell their merchandise, an inflatable HUMAN FOOSBALL arena, tables for the guests to do their meet and greets, and screens where Star Wars trailers and e-game tournaments were showing. There was a Hulkbuster armor displayed where you can have your picture taken inside the thing, the doodlers community were doodling on white Mini Coopers, galleries for figurines, booths selling different merchandise, companies showcasing their games, and a  LOT of other stuff.

APCC-130 APCC-107 APCC-105 APCC-71

After the quick ocular around the place, I immediately headed towards Synergy88’s booth in the middle. They had partnered up with World of Fun and are featuring Kuna, a Virtual Reality game developed locally by none other than Synergy 88 Studios Inc. They even feature a space to exhibit their Motion Capture (MoCap for short) during APCC. It was so cool! And I’m forever thanking my lucky stars I got to try it out. More on the Motion Capture of Synergy at a later post!

There were a ton of cosplayers roaming around the events place. Even though the cosplay competition was to be held the day after, it didn’t hinder the fans from dressing up to show their fandom love. I was not an exception!

APCC-103 APCC-43 APCC-90 APCC-106
I had scrounged up a closet cosplay of Asami Sato from the series Avatar: the Book of Korra. I actually came as Asami because my friends were planning to make an Avatar meet-up session during the second day of APCC and I wanted to be part of the fun! Honestly, that meet up was a big reason why I chose to attend APCC’s second day instead of the other two.


I was pleasantly surprised that the crowd during APCC were very polite! They asked nicely if they could take your photos, left you alone when they saw you resting, and most of all, I haven’t heard a peak from anyone claiming to be harassed. It was a great crowd for sure!

It was a policy in WTC to not let food or drinks inside the venue. The solution they thought of for that was kiosks were established right outside, near the parking grounds. I think it was a brilliant solution. The food smell would have permeated the area and it would be messy. Tossed wrappers, spilled drinks, marks from god-knows-what. It would have been terrible. Although it was sweltering hot outside, I think its a better alternative to the mess it would have otherwise created in the event itself.

At the end of it all, to finish off the day, they had a fireworks show. It was mesmerizing as all fireworks are. It was impressive though I wish it had lasted longer.

Asia Pop Comic Convention isn’t perfect, though. I have heard complaints from people who had rented out booths that there were miscommunications. There were also cases of stolen properties, not just from the con-goers, but the guests were victims of burglary, too.

Through the hiccups, I personally had a blast in the event! I’d like to give my congratulations to the management and event organizers of APCC. I had a lot of fun and I have heard frequent positive feedback about the convention. I applaud you for coming to Manila and holding this very big event. I hope to see you again next year and I wish that this could be a more regular thing.


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GiveAway Set

As I had promised, I’m having a giveaway because of your support! I have finally reached 100 likes on my facebook page and have published 25 blog posts! Thank you so much!


To show my appreciation I am giving away ALL of the following to ONE lucky winner!

  • L’Oreal UV Perfect BB Max
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  • 3 Unlined Leather Bound Small Notebooks
  • Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pendant Necklace
  • Pair of Blue-Eyes Earrings


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Note: Make sure to follow the instructions diligently and submit your entries via Rafflecopter and make sure to tag / share this to your friends for more chances of winning! Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contestants must be residing in the Philippines. The winner will be informed on Facebook chat and they must respond within a week or another winner will be chosen.

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Pi Breakfast and Pies


To say that Pi Breakfast and Pies is located at the very famous Maginhawa Street is technically incorrect. It is however located at a street that intersects Maginhawa Street.
I went to have brunch with a friend of mine there just a few days ago. It wasn’t the first time for me to visit the establishment, but I sure as hell know it won’t be the last either.

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Saturday Dress

IMG_9969 IMG_9970

Saturday Dress is this quaint boutique store in Tomas Morato. It’s at Thompson Square. Not really in the building, but the small little space right outside it. Apparently, they have other branches and you can buy from them online!

It looks really small from the outside, but it has more space than you would think inside. The place looks really cute and clean. With white and pink as their main colors, they emit this really feminine vibe even before you enter their store.

They sell mostly dresses there. And to be fair, they have a really nice collection. They also have skirts and blouses for sale. As well as accessories like earrings, necklaces, and belts. On a wall, there is a shelf there filled with makeup that they are currently selling.



What I like about it the most is their dressing room. It is absolutely gorgeous. It’s not large, but its simply, yet wonderfully decorated.IMG_9981

They had this nice wall lamps inside the dressing room, and this cute “Yes, No, Maybe” wall decal just above their three clothing hooks.
You can hang your choices there while you decide if it’s going to be a yes or a no.


I bought from them this really nice earcuff. I can’t wait to pair it with an outfit soon!


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