Promstuck Thoughts and Reminiscing

Promstuck _IMG_0052

Promstuck started 5 years ago. I became Homestuck trash 4 years ago. My very first meet up with all the Homestuck trash like me is the second Homestuck ball. It was named Grand Homestuck Ball. GHB for short. It was an amazing event. I knew 4 people out of the 80 or more who came. But It was like having instant friends. Everyone was welcome because everyone shared a common love of this webcomic that took up the internet and our hearts in storm. Fast forward to 4 years later and I’m part of the committee driving to make the best and grandest Promstuck ball the community has ever seen. Why? Because this was going to be finally the final Promstuck Homestuck PH is ever going to host.

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My Picks: Top Komiket 2016 Comics

komiket 2016

Komiket is now in its second year! The Komiket 2016 was held last February 20 in Eton Centris. Aside from the usual indie comics, story compilations, stickers, trinkets, art prints were also part of the merchandise. But of course, I mainly go to these conventions for the comics. Here are my top comics from Komiket 2016.

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Artist Resolutions 2016


Last year, I’ve started to kind of not made art as much as I want to and as much as I should. This 2016, I’m pressuring myself into completing my artist resolutions. It’s the kind of thing you always tell yourself you want to do, you want to make time for, and yet you never do and never have time for. This year, it’s time to put my art in priority.


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Personal Resolutions 2016


I’m turning 25 this year. It’s high time I start thinking and doing adult things. Although no one really wants to adult, there will alas come a time when you can never avoid it anymore. I’m taking this a step further and start really thinking about the future. So this year’s resolutions “theme” is future planning.

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Blogging Resolutions 2016


This 2016, I’m creating multiple resolutions for myself. Blogging, personal, and as an artist. I’m starting with the blogging resolutions because I think it’s easier to visualize. I know what I want for my blog, and I have an idea on how to get it. A bit more effort is all it needs, really. Unfortunately, effort = time and that I don’t have much. Aside from my countless hobbies, trips, and my day job, sometimes (I admit guiltily) blogging has taken the lower priority.

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