Museum Dress

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White backless dress with a gigantic bow at the waist, bright Filipino-textile boots, and a small brown leather backpack. Completed with a simple pear necklace, owl earrings, and hair untied.

I wore the exact same outfit, only with my hair in an intricate braid, in Singapore last year while going around their National Museum. The boots were comfortable to walk in and the simplicity of the dress perfectly matches the detail and brightness of the boots.

I bought the dress on an online sale and I was pretty happy that it fit really nicely. The material of the dress is stretchable so it fits most people. I think it’s a great design, especially if you’re buying or selling this online. There is less pressure on getting the exact measurements of the body to fit in the dress.

The boots are actually my sister’s. She bought it at the night market in Baguio. So far, we haven’t seen anyone wear the same thing ever.

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Double Bow 


A white Lace-top-layered-polka-dot-bottom dress with a big bow, black cardigan, brown Loti shoes, and my gold owl necklace. The look is completed by the gold wing ear cuff and the big bow hair style.

The brown Loti shoes are from Payless, Robinsons Magnolia branch. I just got them yesterday and I was so excited to wear them. That’s actually the main reason why I concocted this outfit. I was looking for a nice dress to match with the Loti shoes. I really didn’t wear this dress very often because the intricacy of it was kind of difficult to find matches for. I was unbelievably glad that my shoes were simple enough to balance the details of the dress.


The idea of the double bow really came to mind when I was tying my hair up in a bun and I thought it was time for a more fun way of doing my hair up. It certainly wasn’t the first time I made a big bow out of my hair but it didn’t make it any less difficult! I think it took me four tries before I got my hair to stay like this. My arms were a bit sore after, to be honest. But I think the result is worth it!

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kimono rental
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Get the Most from Your Kimono Rental in Japan

Kimono rental is one of the experiences definitely worth trying in Japan. Renting a kimono in Japan is an incredible experience. I loved it so much that I’ve tried it thrice in different regions of Japan. For a budget traveler like me, it’s not a small sum to pay, but I do think its worth it. I take a million photos and explore as much as I can so I can milk a kimono rental’s worth of photos and experiences.

accesories fashion change
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How Accessories Make Your Outfit: Fashion 101

Photo by Hiraya Mondragon and Styling by Raisa

Everyone has heard that you need to have these basic items to be fashionable. White tee, jeans, heels, etc etc. But what really makes or breaks the outfit are the accessories you use. Create so many outfits using just the basics AND then adding a flair here and there. You can even express different styles depending on the combination of accessories you pair with each other.

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Casual Denim Skirt Wear: Fashion

White, oversized sleeve, statement tee worn with a pure button down denim skirt in pencil cut. Partnered with cute cat socks and white sneakers. Completed with a white sporty watch and the cutest Sailor Moon bag. I wore my hair down with a single golden hairpin on one side for a bit of style.

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Thai Princess Inspired Outfit: Fashion

Black tank top and pink stole for the upper half. Flower patterned with gold accents for the sarong style full skirt for the bottom. Paired with Black and white striped heels, golden bangles, and an elephant statement necklace. For a more posh look, completed with Sunnies Audrey for the shades.

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