Aquaria Water Park: Travel Review and Guide

 aquaria water park

The sun is getting hotter and the weather becomes drier. What better vacation than a beach and water excursion? Only beaches are usually super far from the Metro and unaffordable. What happens if my busy schedule only has a single day free? Aquaria Water Park solves all that! But how?

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Fun Lorem Ipsum Generators


Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet are words that designers are familiar with. We don’t necessarily know what they mean, but we use them enough that some of us have it pretty much memorized. And sometimes we get bored with that. Here are really hilarious lorem ipsums generators for the bored and fun designer:

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Overalls: Fun and Floral


Denim overalls with leather and steel details, fitted floral crop top with lace fringes, dark brown combat boots partially laced up. Finished with a minimalist necklace and even more subtle stud earrings.

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Best Singapore Itinerary


Last 2014, I had spent more than a week enjoying the sights and sounds and taste, definitely taste, of Singapore! It was crazy for spending such a long time away for one destination, but it was totally worth the trip.

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7 Things to do in Coron: Traveler Review

CoronPalawan, the great tourist center of the Philippines. It houses the popular tourist hotspots El Nido and Puerto Prinsesa, and the slowly developing Coron. Funnily, Coron town isn’t located in Coron Island.


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