GameCon 2017: Creating a Bigger Gaming Community

Gamecon’s first ever event was held in SM Megamall’s Event Centers last <>. Although it wasn’t as huge as the usual growing conventions here in the Philippines, it’s definitely a great step in the right direction.

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The Geek That I Am


This is my Facts about Julia Antoinette / About Me: Geek Edition. Basically, I talk about all the geek things I love and rant about those I hate, and try to do everything in a nutshell. And this is a loooong post. Like three times longer than my normal posts.

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Dungeons and Dragons: Character Creation

character creation

This isn’t really a “How to Make Your Own D&D Character” article per se. It’s mostly me, geeking out and telling the whole world how I make my characters in D&D. You will learn my techniques in making quirky, life-like characters in D&D.

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My Top Picks: Board Games for Three


I just love love love playing board games. Seriously, I can spend an entire day just playing and not notice the time passing by. It’s addicting and fun. And I just love board games make you think and strategize. But not all board games are well, fun. Here are my favorite board games that you can play with 3 players and above!

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