How to Not Gain Weight This Holiday Season

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So you want to learn how to not gain weight this holiday season. Last Christmas (I gave you my heart) I tried to not gain weight. I followed a few rules I set for myself, and guess what? After a set rules, and trying really hard to follow it, I had succeeded in it! Yeyyy! This time, I’m pretty confident in sharing my rules and advice so you, too, can not gain weight this Holiday Season. Or maybe, even lose weight!

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Update 2: Not Gain Weight Challenge


Last year, before the rush of the holidays sweep us away with its sparkle, mistletoes, and food, I had taken an impossible challenge of not gaining weight. Last, last week I posted an update of the impa-si-bu-ru challenge. And noooow! This is the final update!! I do apologize that my update is 6 days late.

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Update: Not Gain Weight Challenge


A few weeks ago, I have taken it upon myself to endure the challenge of not gaining weight this Holiday season. A feat that everyone agrees that is impossible. It’s unbelievably late, but this is the first, and apparently the only, update of this challenge (minus the result, of course).

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Ekotek Sweet Holidaze Bundle Bar

Remember when I talked about Ekotek in my review of their Ekophone? Well, great news! For this Holiday season, Ekotek is bringing out the Ekotek Sweet Holidaze Bundle Sale! Aside from slashing prices from some of their best products, they’re also giving huge discounts if you bundle them up with items!
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