(Last Updated On: March 23, 2016)


Loose white collared long folded sleeves tucked in denim jeans tapered off to show off the black and white  shiny oxford shoes. The outfit is accessorized with brown suspenders in place of a belt and a grey fedora with a black band. Finish off with a brown leather satchel, braids, and a nude colored watch.

IMG_7536 IMG_7555 IMG_7572

I wore this outfit for a meeting with a colleague and good friend. We were both from a family in the business of construction and were in need of contacts (at least I am).

It was a bit odd to talk to him in a formal fashion since we are both geeky and silly, but work is work and we have to keep at least that meeting professional.

I really love how the suspenders looked with the outfit. That, the oxfords, and the hat lent to this awesome vintage feel I was going for. Kind of like the office garb of western male in the newspaper and media industry while smoking their tobacco.

IMG_7513 IMG_7522IMG_7597


The oxfords were actually been in our closet for a time. Actually, it’s my sister’s but I can borrow it whenever I want. It was just a bit difficult to use because I’m a boots person. I found, though, that the shoes go really well with dresses. It was a happy surprise when my outfit and shoes went really well together.

The hat isn’t mine either. It’s my father’s but he doesn’t wear hats often. Hats are  definitely coming back into trend so I just had to integrate it with my outfit!

But the bag is mine! I bought it for a real deal in bangkok! back when leather bags weren’t even the rage yet. It was like Php250 at that time. I bet its so far from the original price now. I’m glad I bought it then!

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