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Bistro Remedios Malate: Foodie Review

Bistro Remedios is an iconic restaurant that upholds the traditional Filipino family and eating culture. They try to preserve the old houses exterior in the area. Bistro Remedios does exactly that by preserving the exterior of the old house it used to be and converting it into this legacy of a restaurant.


Bistro Remedios lies in the circle of Malate. A very old, very historic one at that. LJC group holds almost all the corners of this circle.

The only con of this place is the lack of parking. Typical of a Manila Old Street, it lacks parking and gets crowded very easily. Mostly tourists and locals roam here but not a lot of people will find it convenient to go to usually. Good thing that Bistro Remedios opened its door in SM North EDSA as well. At least parking there is decent and it’s very accessible.


Not only did thy preserve the exterior if the restaurant, they strove to retain the ambiance inside the house. They tried to not touch the original layout of the house rather only to outfit it with tables and chairs for dining. The details look marvelous and really beautiful.

Bistro Remedios has been cooking on their present location for over 34 years now. This cozy provincial home interior seats up to 130 people in the main dining hall alone. There are options for more private dining. Halls inside can accommodate different guest numbers.


The staff there was helpful and nice. They showed professionalism that befits the establishment. Even with the big crowd the food arrived in a timely manner and our requests were heard and acted upon.


Pako at Itlog na Maalat

I grew up in a household that occasionally eats pako as a salad. I would say that my standards for pako rests upon the higher spectrum. Lo and behold I couldn’t help but e surprised when this dish amazed me. It went far beyond my expectation. The bittersweet taste of the pako harmoniously melds with the sweet citrus vinaigrette and salty red egg.

Binusog na Pusit sa Bawang

Don’t be fooled. They stuffed this squid with more than just garlic. They filled it with onions, garlic, lemongrass, and ginger. usually, filling the squid this this much flavor loses its taste. The perfect combination of spices succeeded in bringing out the squid flavor instead of overwhelming it. another plus for them is that they cooked the squid perfectly. tender, delicious, hot!

Knock Out Kare-kare

This genius dish combines the two favorite Filipino dishes of all families. Crispy Pata and kare-kare. I have no clue why no one else thought of this amazing combo. Its exactly what it says, it knocks you out with its flavors. The crispy pata is slathered with delicious kare kare sauce and veggies. Its even a money saver. Instead of buying crispy pata and kare-kare separately to satiate your Filipino taste buds, you get this one dish and everyone is happy!

Bamboo Rice

It’s not just rice, it’s a performance. To keep the rice from sticking on its bamboo shell the servers perform a ritualistic song and tap which ends with a delightful shout. It tastes delicious and isn’t greasy as some fried rice in the market. The dish contains shrimps, chicken wood ear mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. How it’s made? They steam it inside the bamboo shell for an extra flavor.

Suman Bilyunaryo

Although I didn’t feel like a billionaire hen I ate this this dish surprisingly delighted me. The sumas was crispier which made it more flavorful.And the latik sauce isn’t too sweet which makes for a dessert you can have all day.

Overall of Bistro Remedios

The beautiful decor brings back nostalgic memories of provincial homes for the locals. Foreigners get a chance to have an authentic feel of the Spanish Colonial culture of the Philippines while enjoying our local cuisine.

Their dishes perfectly captures what local dishes we do eat. And Bistro Remedios does it well. They did not stop there however. They went beyond the usual local fare and created and innovated. It resulted in dishes that delighted all its diners.

I’ll definitely be back to eat in Bistro Remedios. Although I might have at it at their other branch for better accessibility.

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