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Goddess Inspired



Cream colored straight dress, tied around the waist with the same colored cord and ribboned at the shoulder. Finished with a strappy cream colored open wedge to go with the corded style of the outfit. No accessoried used, but wore an intricate hairstyle.

This is a very comfortable dress. Very loose, however, it kind of masks your figure so I don’t usually wear it. This dress supposedly reached up to my knees. But since I am short in stature, I had pinned the ends of the dress to the inside of it so it becomes shorter, thus making my legs look longer.

I opted to not wear accessories to not overwhelm the whole image since the hairstyle is already very unusual and I was going for a more casual, relaxed look.


Detail of the shoulder ribbon built in the dress.


IMG_0214 Hair is primarily a full hair band braid. ended in a small side braid. Then, I added three more small braids to balance the braid and create a more detailed hair style.

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