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I Made My Own Shoes! Zapateria: Shoe Workshop


Marikina has been the hub of shoes since I can remember. Known for its great quality, the shoes of the Philippines was held in high esteem. The penetration of the Chinese products, however, deflated this industry. It doesn’t mean that the quality isn’t the same. Now, with the support local being on the rise, Marikina Shoes and its history is being celebrated.

Zapateria, a former shoe making shop now offers a workshops that could help aspiring shoe designers and hobbyist the knowledge they need to move the Philippine shoe industry forward.


The Four Days

The workshop is very much a small group. Intimate, you might say. Only six people for an intense four days of learning! It was super fun and with a class that small, it’s inevitable that you make friends with each other.

master pattern zapateria

The first day was focused on the basics of the basics of course. Parts of the shoes, making mean formes to master patterns. You’ll know what those mean when you join the class. But, mean forme is the flat layout of your shoe size, and master pattern is the design base of your shoes.

The following day was spent on practicing making master patterns and learning the master patterns of the basics. Pumps, derbies, even loafers! Really makes you appreciate shoes, to be frank.

Of course, you don’t end there. You get to make your very own shoe of your own design!

The last two days are more focused on making the pattern and constructing your very first shoe from scratch. It was such an amazing experience! You even have a small field trip to source your own material for your shoes. Super cool.

Own Shoes

My shoe design was of course heavily inspired by my mermaid aesthetic. What am I saying? I made mermaid shoes!

mermaid shoes prototype zapateria

The cost of the materials would fall at around less than 2,000 pesos. It’s made from laminated pig’s leather and custom soles. Most pairs would cost less than half of what Mine cost, but the amount of leather needed to get that scales effect was intense. Super worth it, though.

I really didn’t want to make a classy pair. Honestly, I want it really original that there’s no way I can buy this somewhere else. I mean, I figured if I’m making my own shoes, why not make something one of a kind?

If I wanted to get a classy pair, I’d rather buy it. For reasons including, there most likely be a design like that and that I want it professionally made. You know what I mean?

mermaid shoes by julia antoinette zapateria

Zapateria Workshops Available

There are plans to increase the workshops and introduce a lot of other concepts to the Zapateria Hub. I’m super excited to see what other classes I can join.

If you want to join the workshops, visit the Zapateria Facebook Page because they update their schedules regularly!

Maybe I’ll see you there next time?

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