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My Mermaid Hair Story: Hair and Beauty

I was born with thick, black hair. I usually kept it long and unstyled. Since high school, I dreamt of getting blue hair, but my mother disapproved. For years and years, I rarely saw people with brightly candy colored hair and I felt super envious of them. And finally, finally, the trend of colored hair has settled in the Metro and I got permission to follow my dream.


I had never gone to a salon to get this hair. My first bleaching took almost 5 hours. Did I mention I had thick hair? Friends have done it for me at home. My hair didn’t bleach very blonde at first, it looked brown-ish with gold flecks. I even bleached my eyebrows, and please learn from my mistake and never to leave the bleach on your eyebrow on for too long.


It took around three sessions of bleaching, three tired friends, a ton of bleaching kits, and two months before my hair was ready for the bright coloring. All worth it, in my opinion.


My first colors was done by my sisters, who treated the endeavor as a creative experiment. Thank Zeus that it was a success! We used up a fourth of Manic Panic Bad Boy Blue and half of Manic Panic Atomic Turquiose.



Since then, I would color my own hair by my wee self. I soon finished my supplies of Manic Panic and I tried Arctic Fox. I definitely wasn’t disappointed. If you’re curious about my comparison between Manic Panic and Arctic Fox, I have a post about that.

It was a long process, but I know I won’t be going back to my black hair for a while, if at all. It is unbelievably fun to color your hair and to look as awesome as you can be with your bright tresses.


Though my favorite hair color is STILL my mermaid hair, I experimented a bit and had around 3-4 more different hair colors:

mermaid hair

Something SUPER close or can even be consired still, as mermaid hair. But I had a bit of pinkish purple top instead of a full blown shades of blue hair.

After which, that faded, I added a mix of purple with conditioner to get this result:


It looked more of a grey-lavender mix which absolutely blows people away. I quite like it. After a while, I wanted a super bright hair color again, so I went on a completely different direction and got this:


Pink, red, and purple mixed and layered together to create a very bright and long lasting hair color. This one stayed for around 2 months! It lasted super long (color wise) and needed very little maintenance. The layering was very subtle to emphasize the pink but decreases the look of it super flat and boring.

But I really missed my blue hair. I decided to gradually come back to blue. But I didn’t want to have the exact same hair as before so the solution was to try sunset hair. Which is what I have today!

The layering is more obvious and the blues are more pronounced. only, the blue is getting difficult to maintain. It washes off a lot more easily than the reds. I have to buy more blue hair dye fif it continues like this.

The colors used for contains mixes of blue, purple, pink, and a dash of red, just for the brightness.


I’ve come a long way from the plain black hair, to mermaid hair, to this but my hair is so damaged that I’m keeping it unbleached for a while. This latest hair color also gives me the chance to keep my hair healthier (by not dyeing it) and transitioning the blue top into the UNbleached hair strands. The black parts then, look like its meant to look like that.


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