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Qipao Inspired

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Qipao inspired top, black jeggings, black heeled boots. Finish with a dozen or so bangles and a simple ponytail.

This silk qipao inspired top has been in our closet for a while. I’ve been wearing this since I was in college and I am glad that it still fits me pretty well. The jeggings are from Uniqlo, part of the many jeggings they have in a multitude of colors. The heeled boots are apparently a new style from Payless.

While I was taking the photos, I was quite worried about posting this online. A big topic in my circle would be the issue of cultural appropriation. While this isn’t necessarily a real qipao, I was worried that the semblance of it would create an unnecessary fuss. Upon looking into it, I was relieved to see that the qipao was mostly a fashion item during the earlier years of China.


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